First Successful Uterus Transplant

I saw on CNN last week that the first U.S. uterus transplant with the birth of a baby, was a success. In the article it mentions that Baylor University was holding a clinical trial and out of the 4 women in the trial, one was a success. They based the clinical trial off of transplants being done in Sweden. One thing mentioned in the article (that I think is wild) is a success with using a healthy 61-year-old’s uterus to a 36-year-old woman. They also said that the transplant isn’t designed to be permanent, and the women are given a cesarean section upon delivery.

I think this is a huge success in the reproductive field. I know this is just the beginning, but now women who have struggled to get pregnant due to endometriosis (and having a hysterectomy as a result) or other infertility related reasons, can potentially still get pregnant. There is still a lot to overcome medically for this, the patient’s body must be accepting of the transplant, and they are watched for an entire year to make sure the body isn’t rejecting the uterus. I love that this instills hope into lives where they thought it wasn’t possible for them to become pregnant.

What are your thoughts on new findings and clinical trials that are being done?


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