A Birthday in a Whole New Light

Today is my birthday. Every year I get disappointed. Disappointed that others aren’t bending over backwards to make me feel special. I feel like people should just “get me” and understand that deep down, I really want to be remembered and feel special on my day. Sounds a little vain, right?

I realized that people won’t get me, because they aren’t me. They don’t know how my brain works or what I like and don’t like. They aren’t me, and that is great! We are all different, and we should all stay different.

I love the bit by Dr. Seuss “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.”

A whole lot has changed this past year. I grew one year older, was pregnant half the year, and now have a 6 month old. My heart has been softened, I cry over a lot more now than I ever used to.

So instead of being disappointed again this year, I decided I needed to think differently. This year I chose to embrace my birthday. Embrace the fact that I am one year older, and I am wiser. Embrace the fact that I am in charge of my own happiness on my birthday.

I decided ahead of time that I wasn’t going to get upset if no one remembered (because I forget a lot of others birthday’s too). I also decided that I was going to celebrate the entire week. Why not!? I’ve seen loads of others celebrate their birthdays all week.

So yes, this is a post in celebration of my birthday, but it’s also to remind you that YOU are in charge of your happiness, no one else.

So on your birthday this year, do something for YOU that makes YOU happy!

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