Fitness Weekly Wrap Up Week #10

On Instastories this past week I shared with everyone my goals as of right now. You can view what I said in my highlights on my profile page under “goals.”

  1. Build my running base up to 20-25 miles per week, and do that for 10 weeks. Once I have that base built up for those 10 weeks.
    • I’m going to start by building up my weekend long run
    • Then build up my weekday mileage by running consistently 3 days a week
  2. Once I have those 10 weeks of 20-25 miles under my belt, then I can start training for a half marathon.
    • I have a few half marathons in mind for the year. In May, July/August and October

We are going to be starting James Wilson’s program this month! So this week was sort of in prep for starting his program.

Monday: Last week our weights came in the mail. So Chase and I did an upper body workout. We only did 1 set of each, but we tracked how much weight was used and how many reps.
Here’s what we did:
Military Press (shoulder)
Scissor Kicks (abs) – though mine were a bit more modified since I’m dealing with diastasis recti.
Lateral Raises (shoulder)
Side Plank (oblique, abs)
Reverse Fly (back of shoulder, rhomboids and traps)
Push Ups (chest, shoulder, abs)
Front Lateral Raises (shoulders, chest)
Plank (abs, hips, back) – I modified these as well and did a wall plank
Chest Fly on stability ball (chest)
V Ups (abs) – ended up doing bridges instead
dumbbell press on stability ball (chest)
Sit up or crunches (abs) – I did 20 crunches on the stability ball

Tuesday: ended up being a rest day for me

Wednesday: I went on a much needed 2 mile solo run after Chase got home from work (thank you blurry iphone photos).

Thursday: Lower body workout with Chase. Same thing, we only did 1 set of each, but we tracked how much weight was used and how many reps. Here’s what we did:
One legged dumbbell calf raises (each side)
Dumbbell Squats
Reverse Lunges (each side) – focusing on the inner thigh muscles to help with my it band issues
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Ballet Squats
Box Bridges
Two legged dumbbell calf raises
Dumbbell Lunges (each side)
Sumo Squats – again focusing on inner thigh

Friday: Chase was off work so I went out and ran a mile. Trying to run 3 days a week, but not wanting to injure myself.

BUT I AM taking the time to stretch after each run! I think that has drastically helped. I have been having this achiness with my knee, but after stretching this week it’s been feeling much better.

Saturday: Went on a group run with Runners Corner, I ended up running 5 miles with them, and came home and ran another mile to get my 6 miles that I wanted.

Thanks to Runners Corner for snapping the before pic!

Sunday: Rest day!


I would love to know what your favorite weight lifting workout is!


  1. Amanda

    February 13, 2018 at 10:20 pm

    This sounds like a great week!!

    1. Tedi Palmer

      February 15, 2018 at 7:41 pm

      It was a pretty great week!

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