My Favorite Hiking Gear

I am no where near an expert when it comes to hiking, and all my hikes consist of 6 miles or less. Mainly, because when we go we take Kason with us, and he isn’t used to spending a long time in a carrier. I wanted to list a few of my favorites as far as hiking goes, and a few things that I plan on buying to add to my stash of gear for day and overnight hikes.

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Here are my essentials:

Chacos – During the summer Chase and I both wear our Chacos, and aside from the blisters from breaking them in, we absolutely love them.

JetFlow – Instead of using a bladder you use your water bottle. We use Smart Water bottles and they fit so nicely. We took an extra smart water bottle with us on our hike up Squaw Peak, because it was so hot.

Cooling Towels – These are a must to keep your neck cool while hiking during the summer. We took them when we hiked Squaw Peak 2 summers ago.

First Aid Kit – We always take a first aid kit with us. Whether that be a bigger one that stays in the car or a smaller one in our packs. You can’t always be too prepared.

Sunglasses – Chase and I both have prescription sunglasses, but when we wear our contacts we just use our cheap sunglasses. If you are in the market for some prescription sunglasses or glasses, you can check out a few of my favorite online decently priced places here, here, and here.

Columbia Shorts – These are my favorite shorts! I mean any shorts that are 100% nylon are good. Cotton and jeans are just not a favorite of mine to hike in.

Baby Carrier – Chase and I bought this Osprey Poco AG Premium Child Carrier and hiked with a few weeks ago. It is amazing, and really just felt like we were wearing a 20+ pound backpack. PLUS this didn’t put any pressure on my hips. Before we bought the Osprey we used this Infantino.


Canteen – If we are just doing a day hike and don’t feel like taking our jetflow packs with us, we’ll take these with us. We really love these Camelbak canteens, and they stay cold or hot for hours!

Hammock – We got two hammocks for Christmas and we’re SO excited to be able to take them out when the weather gets warmer.


Here’s what we’re planning on buying:

Hiking Boots – I just tried on some Merrell’s and I’m still debating if I want the Mid or Low. I do suggest you try on a pair before buying them – kind of like figuring out what running shoe you want to run in.

Hiking Poles – These would be so awesome to have hiking.

Solar Charger – We would like something like this to be able to use the power of the sun!

Tarp for the Hammock – This will help keep out rain and bugs.

Underquilt for the Hammock – If we don’t have this, we may get really cold.

Do you like to go hiking? If so, what is some of your favorite hiking gear?

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