Things that are Hiking in Utah: Donut Falls

I learned about this trail when I was searching for good, easy trails to snowshoe in. Alltrails marks this as an easy, family friendly hike. The trail head starts about 7-8 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. And yes, it is an easy, family friendly hike as well.

Chase and I first snowshoed this trail in the winter of 2014. We were both not in very good shape. Hiking can be pretty easy depending on the trail, but when you add in snow, snowshoes, and snow pants it makes it a bit more difficult.

You can see people at near the falls



When we made it to the falls, there were people hiking up to the donut part of the falls. It was pretty cool. We even made a video of it that you can watch here.

After having hiked it in the winter I wanted to try it out in the summer. So in 2016 while undergoing our 2nd IVF cycle, the day before I had to stop all high impact activity, we hiked it on our anniversary. We didn’t feel comfortable hiking to the top because of the stream, but we got to enjoy the beauty of the falls down the mountain.

hiking donut falls utah

Even while hiking in the summer, the trail is very much shaded. Since it’s a very popular trail, a lot of times you can’t find parking near the trail head. We got there early enough on a weekday, that we were able to find a parking spot. There is also outdoor bathroom at the beginning of the trail head.

hiking to donut fallsLove to follow the stream up to the falls

Chase with gophers hiking donut fallsA lot of fat gophers on the trail

hiking donut falls utah hiking donut falls utah Hiking donut falls hiking donut falls fresh ivf cycleHad to give myself my shots for our IVF cycle on the trail

Chase feeding a gopherChase feeding a gopher

Where’s a good hiking trail near you?

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