Things that are Art City Days 5k Race Recap

Art City Days 5k Race

The Nestle Art City Days 5k was a fun race!

My mom convinced me to run this race. There are 2 perks for the race: It was $9 to register, and they had TONS of stuff to give away. For every registered racer, $1 goes towards the United Way Partner.

Not realizing that this was such a great race, I was the only one signed up from our family (Chase, Kason and I). Next year all 3 of us will run/walk the race.

The race started at 7:30am. It started in front of Springville High School and ended on the track.

Aside from the huge hill around mile 2, it was a great course. I ended up walking the hill at the halfway point because it was too much. I really hate uphill, and I LOVE downhill. I knew there would be a downhill part, so I just kept on pushing through.

I had been out with an ankle injury for almost a month. Two days before the race I was given the all clear to start running again. And I felt GREAT! No ankle problems, nothing. So I pushed it a little.

Here are my splits (and I’m a little happy about the last one, also why I love downhill):

Mile 1: 10:59
Mile 2: 10:28
Mile 3: 8:41
Total Time: 31:17 (per race results)

I’m pretty proud of my effort and getting almost under 30 minutes for a 5k. A goal I have been trying to achieve for a very long time.

Art City Days 5k RaceIt was great at the end seeing Chase and Kason cheering me on.

I finished in 31:17, and finished 18 in my age group. Not the greatest, but I’m working at getting faster in the long run. Still trying to achieve my goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon.

Pros: Full water bottles at the finish (though I think that’s what most races are leaning towards), Fruit Popsicle at the end of the race, Short race so you don’t have to suffer for too long ;), signing up gets you entered in to their amazing prize drawings.

Cons: Huge hill, huge hill (do I need to say it again?), lots of strollers to run past, lots of people walking to run past.

Would I run this race again? Of course! Because of the amazing prizes they give away.

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