Hiking on the Appalachian Trail

hiking the appalachian trailWhile I was in Maryland for my friends wedding in October. I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle. I asked my uncle if we could hike on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). I also indicated that I wanted to hike on a portion that I haven’t hiked on before, which #letsbereal is a lot since I live on the west coast.

We did an out-and-back section starting from Boonsboro, Maryland and ended at Washington Monument State Park. Since having lived in Maryland at one point in my life I don’t ever remember going to Washington Monument State Park.

hiking the appalachian trail

The hike totaled 6 miles round trip, and was fairly easy as opposed to hiking here in Utah. Or it could’ve been the fact that elevation was around sea level?

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and wasn’t too hot or too cold. Since I’m still fairly new at hiking, I still don’t have hiking shoes, or proper pants. So I used my running pants and running shoes. To me, just getting out was really what I wanted. So I really didn’t mind that I didn’t fit in with my cousin and uncle who hike a lot.

There were a few places to stop and use the bathroom, as well as cross some moderately trafficked roads (for a Sunday).

We saw a few “friends” on the trail, and I almost ran into one of them, but thankfully stopped just in time.

hiking the appalachian trailYou can see this little orange bulb of a spider hanging in the middle section of the photo

Hiking the A.T. you have to be on the lookout and watch for what are called “blazes.” They are white vertical rectangles, on trees. They will indicate that you are still indeed on the trail. If they are just single, it means you continue straight, if there are 2 blazes stacked on top of one another it indicates that there is a change in route, often it will show how the trail will turn.

hiking the appalachian trail

Of the multiple times I have hiked on the A.T. this was the first time that I was the one looking out for blazes. I hadn’t ever learned about them before this hike, which I probably should have. They don’t have blazes on trails here in UT.

A great resource I came across is this website dedicated to all things A.T.

The view from the tower

hiking the appalachian trailMy uncle and I trying to get a “selfie” hiking the appalachian trailThere were bird watchers in the Tower (If I recall correctly, I think they were looking for Hawks?)

Overall this was a great hike. We did see other hikers on this trail. This would be a great family friendly trail but be sure to be on the lookout for those blazes. You don’t want to end up getting lost.

Have you ever hiked on the A.T.? I would love to know your experience!

The other A.T. hike that I have done is a short hike from Weaverton (near Harpers Ferry, WV), to the Weaverton Cliffs looking out over the Potomac River. That is a fun family hike and we’ve done it on several occasions when we’ve traveled to Maryland for Thanksgiving.

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