Things that are Freedom Days 5k/10k/1mile Race Recap 2018

freedom days 10k finish

The Freedom Days 10k – How I’ve missed you! Okay, not really, but this was a great race to see how I’d do with a faster pace.

Honestly, I didn’t know what my goals were going into this race. I mean, I have been doing distance runs of 8+ miles, I have been doing speed work here and there, but I haven’t been consistent with the mileage or speed work.

Before the race I decided to listen to music rather than podcasts. I figured it would help keep me running and racing. Second, I wasn’t feeling 100%, and knew at the starting line I had 2ish hills to climb.

The first mile wasn’t bad. While I was running up the first hill I kept seeing 5k runners running/speed walking the opposite direction to get to their starting line. Which was around a mile away based on when I saw them. Chase said he had heard some people started the 5k about 20 minutes after the gun went off.

The whole race I was mentally struggling with finding my groove and my drive to push forward. But I kept running. I kept trying to find that one runner to keep me at a good pace, then they’d stop and walk, and I would continue running while finding someone else to secretly help pace me. This continued through the entire race.Kason and I 10k finish

I started walking around mile 5 which happened to be downhill, because I felt funny (I should’ve taken something for energy). Another runner came up next to me and happened to tell me she was trying to keep up with me up the hill. She seemed around my pace so I asked if we could run together. A few times she told me that if she was keeping me back that I could run ahead (which was obviously NOT the case).

I stopped to walk close to the end, because I started feeling dizzy. However, I looked down at my watch and was surprised to see that I was still well under an hour, and had less than a mile to go so I pushed through. I ended catching back up to her, passing her and ended up PRing by 7 minutes!

freedom days 10k finish

At the finish I felt tired and hot, but not completely burnt out.

I finished in 1:00:40 and my previous time was 1:07.

Chase, Kason and I at the 10k finish

Pros: Music along the course, People cheering you on along the course (you run the parade route), A July 4th run, A medal, A cool shirt, We got LuLaRoe Leggings in our race packet, as well as a book called “Left Standing.”

Cons: 2ish hills (I say “ish” because 1 didn’t seem that hard), There was only water at the aid stations, Road closures before 6:30am.

Would I run this race again? Yes! Because it’s the only July 4th race near where I live. Aside from the hills, I love the swag I get every year, plus it’s a great price for the race.

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