Things that are Thankful 13 2018 Race Recap


I thought training for this race would be easy. I had already been running all summer, and had been getting faster. All summer I had been training with friends, but this race I was training alone. I was also trying to not injure my other ankle (because it had started hurting like the other one), so I struggled getting in the necessary runs. I also wasn’t hitting the paces that I was supposed to hit. I was exhausted every time I was to get up and go run, and I think that has a lot to do with how my race ended up going.

Here’s my training breakdown:

my half marathon training plan

My goals for the race were:

Goal #1 – 1:59:30
Goal #2 – 2:05:30
Goal #3 – 2:10:00

The week leading up to race day I tried to increase my water and sleep. It didn’t always happen, but I at least tried to.


Thankful 13 Race Recap

At packet pickup one of the volunteers said this was a mentally harder race because there was no downhill from a canyon. I think that tripped me off because I was not in it mentally.

Thankful 13 Race Recap

Race morning, I felt tired, which wasn’t a good sign at how the race was going to go.

At the starting line they had moved everything to an underground parking garage. There were signs of rain, which would make for a very cold and miserable run. It was also warmer in the parking garage.

Thankful 13 Race Recap

I found a friend who I had ran the Cedar City half with in 2013. So we chatted and I ended up starting to the middle of the back of the pack with her. She was hoping to be 2:30, and I ran with her for probably .25 and then started faster.

The course was somewhat hilly (nothing like the St. George Half Marathon). We ran on the Jordan River Parkway Trail for about 3 miles then ran a bunch of roads all leading back to the parkway trail by mile 8/9 and running that to the finish.

Thankful 13 Race Recap

Thankful 13 Race RecapI don’t know what to do with my hands… in front of a camera.

Mentally this was a lot harder than I was expecting. I thought my training was okay, only doing speedwork and long runs, and doing my weekly pump class with a friend.

By mile 8/9 my IT Band was killing me and I was so done with running, but it hurt running or walking so I decided to keep running.

Thankful 13 Race Recap

I finished the race in 2:22. Not my best time, but also not my worst time. I am SO glad that I finished it.

Thankful 13 Race Recap

Pros: It’s on Thanksgiving and you get to eat all the food, lots of yummy food at the finish line (though I did not care to partake in any of it) like pumpkin pie, Colder weather (which could mean faster running), the coolest medal I’ve had so far.
Cons: Almost like an out-and-back course, somewhat hilly (though that didn’t really matter to me much).

Thankful 13 Race Recap

and I can’t forget my awesome cheerleaders ->

Chase and Kason my Cheerleaders at the Thankful 13

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