Things that are Hiking in Utah: Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls is one of the most popular hikes in Provo Canyon. And in all the years that I’ve lived here I’ve only hiked it twice. lists this hike as easy and kid friendly. It’s a 3 mile out and back hike, that includes a waterfall. The best time to hike is spring through fall. Once the snow hits it’s not recommended to go hiking up to the falls (I think due to possible avalanche, but I’m not 100%, that’s what I read from other snowshoers).

The beginning of the hike and the end of the hike are the most difficult, as far as elevation. There is an incline at the beginning and ending of the hike. The trail does get a little bit hard getting down to the falls, but it is definitely worth it.

Either way it is beautiful, and if you like crowds while hiking, then this is the hike for you. 😉

The first time I hiked with Hurley and Pepper while Chase was gone on a business trip.

Stewart Falls Provo Canyon Hiking with Dogs

Stewart Falls Provo Canyon Hiking with Dogs

It was hard trying to hike by myself with 2 dogs, but it was rewarding getting to the falls.

The second time I went was with my cousin, Alexandra, and we went after a light snowfall early in the morning, which wasn’t too scary. I was only worried I would fall, because of lack of traction. I think hiking with Yaktrax or something similar would be beneficial.

Hiking towards Stewart Falls in November

Driving to the trailhead and it’s all snowy

Hiking towards Stewart Falls in November

On the trail

Me at Stewart Falls in November 2017

Me at the falls

Have you ever hiked this trail? If yes, do you enjoy it?

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