3 Unusual Ways to Pay for IVF

I wrote a post a while ago listing out my Top 10 Ways to Pay for IVF. Over the past couple of months I have thought of 3 unusual ways to save up and pay for IVF that you probably haven’t thought of.

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using airbnb to save up and pay for ivf

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb to try and save some money traveling? Have you ever thought about renting out a room in your house to save up and pay for fertility treatments? Well, Airbnb makes it easy to set up your space (big or small) to allow guests to come into your home and rent a room. It’s a great way to make some money on the side while at your full-time job. It doesn’t take much to get your space up and running and Airbnb will help advertise your first 3 stays. The downside obviously, is having strangers in your home. Airbnb is a double blinded review, meaning you can’t see your guests review until you’ve reviewed them. You can set the price for the room you want to rent. In my area it ranges (based on if it’s a private room vs. apartment) $15-100+ per night.

We have used Airbnb for the past 6 months and have really enjoyed meeting people from all over. It’s been nice to have some extra income and not really have to do a whole ton of work (aside from keeping the common areas tidy). I do make sure the room and bathroom are extra clean and try my hardest to keep our dogs out.


Using Rover to help save up and pay for IVF

If you don’t feel comfortable having people staying at your home, but you are an animal lover, you could become a Rover Sitter. You can set Rover up to either board dogs/cats, and do doggy day care out of your home. You can also become a dog walker. You don’t have to do all 3.

How it typically works if you were using Rover to find someone to watch your pet; you first message the Rover sitter, set up a meet-n-greet, and then book with your sitter, or find another sitter if it doesn’t work out. You can set the price on how much to charge per dog. In my area I saw anywhere from $20-50 per dog, per day.

We used Rover while we went out to San Francisco and enjoyed knowing that our dogs would be taken care of. We took our dogs over for a meet-n-greet so our dogs would get to know their dog before we booked with our Sitter. We will most likely use Rover in the future.


Use Uber and Lyft to help save up and pay for IVF

Have you ever used Uber or Lyft while traveling? This has been extra popular as of late, and it’s pretty easy to make some extra money. The only downside is that you have to drive, and if you hate driving then this might be really stressful for you. Uber is also a double blind review. You can go here to check out the driver requirements for Uber. You can use my link to sign up for a free ride, if you’ve never ridden with Uber before.

For a while, Chase and I were Uber drivers, but where we live wasn’t very popular and we wouldn’t get very many riders. So we ended up not making enough for it to be worth it, so we ended up quitting.

What are some ways that you have saved up for IVF?

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