Discipline and Motivation Through your Infertility Journey

I have been reading a lot on DISCIPLINE vs. MOTIVATION lately.

MOTIVATION is the willingness or desire to actually do something.

DISCIPLINE is what actually keeps driving you forward towards your goals.

Isn’t that interesting? Motivation is for the short term gain, while discipline is for long term.

Let’s talk how this relates to infertility and fitness.


It starts by seeing other friends/family who are starting to grow their family. By getting baby hungry and talking to your spouse about wanting children. That is the spark that starts motivating you to start trying to grow your family on your own.

After 4+ years of trying for a baby? Why are you still trying? What is driving you forward to having a successful pregnancy and birth? Well darling, that is discipline.

Now, one key point I would like to make regarding your infertility journey, and that is CHANGE. At what point in your journey, do you start trying different things to help you reach your goal of a successful pregnancy and birth? Because that IS a part of discipline. You are willing to make changes, you are willing to sacrifice even more to reach that end goal.

insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result quote


It starts by seeing all these gorgeous women who are so lean and fit. You start doing all this research on ways to become fit like them. You start figuring out how to work out, you start learning how to eat right and what exercises you enjoy. That is motivation.

you will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined
The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long quote

So what about bad days? What about days where you feel like crap? Your period came and you really don’t feel like running 5 miles. You feel like all your time and effort is really not getting you the results you WANT? What is driving you forward and continuing even on those hard days? Discipline. Yes motivation will help, but going to the gym or for a walk, even when you aren’t feeling 100% is what discipline truly is.

It bothers me when I hear of women giving up on all the things because they feel it won’t make any difference. In order for miracles to happen (physically, emotionally, spiritually) you have to be putting in the effort. You have to have that discipline to continue moving forward towards your goals.

Is it ever easy? Heck no, I still have days where I feel less than my best, BUT I still do the things that I know will help me reach my goals in both areas of fertility AND fitness. Because they are all intertwined, I am working out and eating healthy so I can have healthy eggs, a healthy mind (because I’m happier when I workout), and be able to hopefully carry another baby.

So what is the point of me talking about discipline and motivation? It’s a reminder that you have to have both (discipline and motivation) in order to keep you growing, to keep you going, to keep you moving forward through all the ups and downs of your life and your journey.

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