Faith without works is dead

Several months ago on Instagram there was a conversation that I read that had me concerned. Some women were going to stop doing things to help them get pregnant and just “hope” that they would get pregnant on their own. It concerned me because that’s not how God works.

Have you heard of the verse in James 2:26, Faith without works is dead?

Do you know and understand what that means?

I’ll break it down for you…

In relation to getting pregnant, having FAITH is the first step.

BUT, if you are not doing the work (“works” mentioned in James 2:26) to help get you pregnant, then your faith is without the help from God, it’s dead.

So that means that God isn’t going to help you, because you aren’t putting forth that effort, the “works” mentioned in that scripture.

Have you ever heard the quote by Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

We also can’t just mindlessly be doing the same things over and over again expecting them to work.

While yes, sperm and egg rely heavily on what we’ve been doing for 3 months, but if what you’re doing is not helping egg or sperm quality, then it’s time to change something.

That means you research more, get a second opinion, change your diet, go on walks, and be your own advocate. DO SOMETHING! But not doing anything and expecting God to work miracles (while you mindlessly sit back) is NOT going to change your situation.

So that leads me to my next thought on contentment and infertility.

This is going to sound like I’m contradicting myself, but please hear me through the end.

I know we don’t want to be content with where we are currently. But for a period of time, a season, we need to be content with our infertility. “Contentment isn’t necessarily sitting still. It’s the condition of the heart while you’re still moving forward” -Chris Brown

Can you be content with where you are and still move forward progressing? Yes!

During our infertility journey, I was finally content with our infertility and our situation, but I was still doing my part and moving forward with faith.

Did you hear that? I was still doing my part.

That meant that I was taking supplements to help egg quality, we got into a clinical trial, we learned more about our diagnosis, and we started working on changing those things we had control over. We were progressing we were moving forward while being content. We eventually were led toward a new fertility clinic and ended up doing IVF twice. We were doing our part.

Let me be crystal clear, and remind you that MIRACLES don’t just happen by sitting back, watching tv, and expecting things to work out. Miracles happen when we are ACTIVELY moving forward (treatments, losing weight, living healthy, etc.) by having faith, praying daily, and seeking guidance from Him!

Please, please, please DO NOT believe that lie that if you sit back and do nothing you’ll get your miracle. That lie is from the enemy, Satan.

Remember, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Faith without works is dead! 

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