My Thoughts on Endometriosis

Through the many years of Chase and I going through infertility, I kept thinking there was something else preventing us from getting pregnant. While taking a pathophysiology class in college I learned about endometriosis. I was pretty sure I had it (based on how painful my menstrual cycles were), but there wasn’t any way for me to truly self-diagnosis it. So during our first IVF cycle my RE was 90% sure I had endometriosis. But, the only way to tell was to do surgery, and I didn’t want to go through that.

While I don’t know a ton about endometriosis, I wanted to share a few things to help educate you.

  • Can your diet effect endometriosis? What I found was while your diet can’t stop the growth (as far as I’m aware), it can help reduce the symptoms.
  • Ever heard of Retrograde Menstruation? I wrote a research paper on that exact topic. In the paper, I talked about retrograde menstruation (RM) which is believed to be the “sloughing off” during your period that leaks back through the Fallopian tubes, out to the peritoneal cavity, and that causes endometriosis outside of your uterus. I did in depth research on the genes and mechanisms involved with RM and came to the conclusion that since every woman’s body is different, finding the cause of the disease is truly difficult and not necessarily just RM alone.
  • Ever heard of Mercier Therapy? It is essentially a deep pelvic massage. Mercier Therapy is a more natural approach towards your own fertility. Undergoing Mercier Therapy before IUI or IVF can help increase your chances of success. I found this interview to help explain a bit more about it. You can also checkout their website here to find a practitioner near you. You can also read more about Dr. Mercier’s story here.
  • Ever done an inverted yoga pose while on your period? I took a yoga class in college and my teacher told us to never do inverted yoga poses while on your period. She said it causes the blood to not flow out correctly which kinda goes back to the whole retrograde menstruation. While I’m not sure if this really is the case, it wouldn’t hurt to play it safe during your period.

I would love to know what you’ve learned about endometriosis? And have you been diagnosed with endometriosis?

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